Overload Coordinate

   For the first time in over 8 years, I wore lolita in public. I've worn it privately, and to less-eventful occasions in that time, but not anywhere I could be openly judged for it. But this was Overload, the anime convention. This was big, this was public, this was impossible to hide from. Because I have a history with lolita, experiencing bullying disguised as concrit, and the elitism of my last local comm. But I'm not longer a goth - far from it - I'm no longer the only one, and I was going somewhere I suspected there would be more people with thoughts and experiences like me. I hadn't intended to - I'd planned a cosplay for the day, but got sick and, being Autumn, decided I probably shouldn't wear a short skirt and singlet top - and had to make last-minute alternative plans. I'd just recieved this dress from Loligals, which I previously reviewed, and knew that it would give off Sailor Moon vibes with my wig. This was perfect, because Overload is an anim

It's A New Blog!

 I've decided to start blogging - totally fresh, new, and glittery! Here's a bit about the blog. Oh look, it's me in an unfinished homemade CCS Cosplay! Photo and edits by @donumlife About Me My name is Ashleigh and I'm obsessed with cute, sparkly, and possibly also badass things. I like my anime wholesome, but violent - I'm talking Pretty Cure, Bofuri, BNA. I've recently started cosplaying again after a nearly 6-year break, and while covid has slowed my roll, I'm still keen to get crafty with it! I'm also a big fan of Japanese street fashions, and have been following the kawaii fashion scene in particular since 2010. Although I started out as a goth, and wore gothic lolita briefly, I've since turned to all things pastel and have recently begun curating a hime/wa/sweet lolita wardrobe. I collect magical girl and idol anime items, including wands, manga, figures, transformation devices, and anything that can fit in my Ita Bag!  Most of what I own, bot

Loligals Lolita Haul & Review - Dress, Crinoline, Headpiece, & Socks

Loligals has baffled and intrigued lolitas, myself included, for many years. It has it's own storefront - - and an Aliexpress front, which is what I ordered from. It's a reseller, but regularly has sales and that, in the case of when I made this order, bring the price down to near-Taobao prices.  Now, I do live in New Zealand, which means that for some Taoabo items I don't need a proxy at all. However, this particular dress kept getting canceled on me and, after a terrible Devilinspired order, and having done the math and found it near-equal in cost to buying directly, I decided to try out Loligals. And I'm so glad that I did! Artemis JSK - 8.5/10 Note that this is straight out of the bag - hence being a bit wrinkly! QUALITY: 9/10 This dress has been on my wishlist for a while. However, it appeared to be a commercial dress with no branding and sold on multiple storefronts, which is usually not a good sign when it comes to quality lolita. But oh boy, did it